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WWII: The Allied Home Front

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This is a PowerPoint I made during my student teaching/subbing days. It is immensely detailed and overflowing with pictures. Now that I am teaching, I find that this PowerPoint has TOO MUCH stuff in it to use in the high school classroom! You may find it useful by sifting through it and using bits and pieces of it in any lessons you choose to make. The list of subjects covered is enormous: (1) Propaganda: about two dozen different works of art (2) Women in the workforce ("Rose the Riveter") (3) Rationing and Victory Gardens (4) Athletes and Celebrities in the war (5) Future presidents in the war (6) Segregation in the American armed forces: Navajo "Code Talkers" and the Tuskegee Airmen (7) Japanese Internment I don't have any Guided Notes to go with this one. As such, I offer you this monster of a PowerPoint for a very low price! Enjoy!
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